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Data Analyst

We’re looking for a Data Analyst who is passionate about improving websites revenues. Candidates should have an online testing experience (A/B & MVT), a history of using digital analytics and a statistical background to develop a testing roadmap plan focused on revenue generation.


As our Data Analyst you will make sure to:

  • Define and analyze key metrics to achieve higher conversion rates and identify anomalies

  • Research, Test & Plan the best optimization strategy for each department, according to their business goals

  • Derive actionable insights from data while finding hidden optimization and growth opportunities

  • Create engaging and periodic reports to improve the way data insights are communicated throughout the company

  • Develop a testing roadmap plan focused on revenue generation

Experience Guidelines

  • 2-3 years of previous experience in the online industry as a Web optimization or as a Data analyst

  • Knowledge and experience in SQL, Google Analytics, GTM and BI Tools

  • Proven experience in analyzing and optimizing data

  • Statistics background / a degree in statistics / mathematics

  • Fluent English

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