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Precision in Every Campaign.

Utilize our advanced cookieless and contextual targeting to effectively identify and reach your audience.

Our innovative targeting solutions are designed to meet your campaign objectives, making each ad placement intentional, engaging your audience, and optimizing every campaign for success.

Home Electronics
Adjusting Temperature

Weather & Trade Area TARGETING

Leverage data from our extensive network of weather sensors to create custom campaigns that dynamically adjust based on current and future weather conditions, including temperature, precipitation, and weather alerts.

Our trade area targeting uses shopper movement data to pinpoint locations with a high concentration of potential customers, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience in the right places.

ADVANCED Contextual Targeting

Enhance brand visibility with our cutting-edge cookieless targeting solution, expertly crafted for safety, relevancy, and page content alignment.

Our varied solutions connect brands with the most pertinent content and audiences. Target specific categories, websites, and mobile apps while ensuring your message strikes the right tone through sentiment and language targeting.

Our safety features ensure your ads reach the highest-quality, trusted platforms.

Mobile App Design
Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive Campaign 

Our measurement strategy uses advanced machine learning technology for campaign delivery and optimization.

By analyzing real-time signals, our AI models identify the most effective ads for specific target audiences, boosting relevance and engagement.

This enables our brand partners to create better campaigns and measure their impact across all stages of the purchase funnel, both online and in-store.

Why work with us on Targeting & Measurement


Privacy-Safe Ad Solutions


Advanced contextual targeting


Targeted Audience Engagement


Strategic partnerships and proprietary innovation


Comprehensive Campaign Measurement


Advanced Data Capabilities

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